LinkedIn Secrets Revealed...
The "No Luck Required" Guide to Being Found 24/7 on

Patrick X. Gallagher published in September 2012 and became a best selling LinkedIn author in 2012.

This book explains how he optimized his profile, and how you can do the same - too.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why thinking of your LinkedIn profile as "money" can return your investment into more calls and profile views 24/7.
  • How you can outsell other LinkedIn Profiles by appearing on the 1st seach page – even at the top – as being listed in the top 3 profiles.
  • How to increase your brand equity for networking, job opportunities, or simply keeping in contact with the industry, business associates, friends, etc.
  • Why a word cloud of keywords is important to learn ... and where to put those keywords in your profile.
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Patrick Gallagher

About the Author

Patrick Gallagher has written and published more than eight books during the last three booming years of the self-publishing revolution.

Through strategic planning and relentless execution, he has turned his LinkedIn Experience into a logical, business with his published works.

As many opportunities exist today to enhance your opportunity to Write. Publish. And Speak. With various experience and contributions, Patrick revisits the ever - changing LinkedIn landscape - each week

For every week, helping to nurture thousands of LinkedIn members in real time.

As an author, Patrick Gallagher knows what matters most to you and to that end he is also someone who understands how to shape your professional life. Through LinkedIn stories he wants to explain to you how to do this. He tells you how, in writing books (nonfiction), that readers can’t wait to buy.